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Officiants, Vendors and Resources....
Everything you need for your perfect wedding!

Featured Officiants

Niagara on the Lake Ceremonies
with Rev. Deb
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Award-winning Officiant Jeanette Honig offers  weddings and life celebrations in Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, and beyond. 

Find out why couples love her.


You've found the love of your life, an enthusiastic "yes!" rang out as the ring was presented, and you’ve set the date for your perfect wedding. What's next? A lot!

You'll be -


  • Ordering invitations

  • Choosing the perfect setting for your event

  • Deciding what to feed your guests

  • Finding a photographer with the skill and insight to take photos that will capture the day's joy.

  • Selecting a personable officiant - and making sure she or he has not only the talent but also the willingness to create a wonderful and memorable ceremony.

So Many Details!

Decisions must be made regarding the florist, hair and make-up, dresses, tuxes, attendants' gifts, music, videography, limo service, theme, décor.... it can be overwhelming..


We are here to help!


Inclusively Yours Weddings was created to help couples tackle the to-do list.  Our founding team has been part of the wedding industry in Ontario for decades and we are building a network of friendly officiants and trusted vendors that will help as you plan your very special day.

Your Team!

Every professional on this site is committed to love.  We know that it isn't always easy for LGBTQ couples to find compatible vendors, so we aren’t the garden variety wedding site hosting anyone who pays the fee.  We carefully vet every single vendor and officiant listed to create a site that is rainbow-friendly and welcoming, serving couples throughout Ontario. 


For members of the LGBT+ community, Inclusively Yours Weddings makes it easy to find vendors who will celebrate with you.  No turn-downs here! 


For family and friends of LGBT+ community members, Inclusively Yours Weddings helps you support your loved ones by choosing service providers who will treat all your guests with respect and a warm welcome instead of awkward moments.  


For all couples, Inclusively Yours Weddings is a showcase of officiants and vendors who specialize in making sure that you get your wedding, your way. 


Everyone here happily offers their service to ALL couples because we share a common belief: Love is Love. It’s just that simple! 

If you have any questions, please pop us a note at 

If you would like information on becoming a recommended Inclusively Yours Vendor or Officiant, visit our Promotion Page.

How Can We Help You?

Officiants, Venues, Vendors, Products and Services... it's all here for you.

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Looking for someone who will help you create a ceremony that is uniquely yours?  Our inclusive and creative licensed  officiants are located around the province of Ontario.

Support for Couples

This website is intended to assist you as a couple, and as
individuals as well.
Here you will find friendly
people who offer:

- marriage and relationship coaching

- ways to stay calm and focused

-pathways to spiritual growth

Planning your wedding often means creating a team of  professionals who will do their part to make the wedding itself a success. 

Here is a list of recommended vendors whom we love and whom you can trust with the details.

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Wedding Products

Wedding party gifts, bouquet bling, personalized photo books,  and  other unique ideas to make your wedding extra special. You'll find some fabulous, fun and affordable items here.

Want to Become a Wedding Officiant?

Officiating at a wedding may be a long-held dream of yours, but where to begin?

We can help!

If you live in Ontario and would like to perform weddings, check out our progressive, inclusive Pastoral Chaplain program.


If you are outside of Canada, you may have received your online ordination
but feel the need for training and confidence boosting. Maybe you are an officiant looking for a refresher.
We offer workshops for all officiants interested in learning more about writing ceremonies, working with couples, or your own presentation skills.  

See what is on the menu.

Already an officiant?
Workshops of interest!
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