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A wedding in your vehicle? A renewal ceremony in your car? Yes!  Our fun Drive-in themed venue features the couple as the stars!

Okay, yes, it is a little cheesy and campy. And everyone loves it!


These short and sweet ceremonies are unique and fun, appealing to couples who want a simple way to wed and then drive off to enjoy a fabulous day in Niagara.


Bring witnesses and as many folks as your car can safely hold. (Only one car for the ceremony, please.)

Just the two of you? We can provide witnesses. :)


You'll all receive complimentary popcorn and the couple will be given a special gift to remember their awesome ceremony, along with a commemorative certificate.


Just bring the license!

Renewing Your Vows?

Say "I do" again and receive a speci​al gift and commemorative Certificate. Bring as many people as your vehicle can hold - or just drive-in as a couple.


You'll receive complimentary popcorn and a special gift to remember your awesome ceremony, along with a commemorative certificate.

Just looking for a little elopement or vow renewal?  Come to our Garden Gazebo and share your promises in a beautiful private space.

A Photographer and extras can be added in.

Popcorn and Promises at the Drive-in Chapel

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